The Full-Service Platform for Collectors

ISSIMI brings trust and transparency to previously opaque and expensive transactions. In contrast with traditional dealers, brokers, and auction houses, ISSIMI guarantees vehicle quality, offers full financial transparency, and provides turnkey importation and domestic logistics.

ISSIMI specializes in de-risking complex transactions involving exceptional cars. Not only do we locate cars around the world, but we perform the entire process to verify the car’s quality and get it to the buyer's doorstep. Here’s an overview of our process:

  1. Sourcing: We use our extensive network to locate potential candidate cars and perform high level diligence to establish whether they are worth a closer look.
  2. Inspection: We send one of our team members to carefully assess the car, often together with one or more marque experts to provide an even deeper look at the car’s quality. ISSIMI is also able to resolve complex title or ownership situations.
  3. Secure Transactions: We convey offers and negotiate the terms of purchase in a transparent fashion that ensures all parties understand the specifics of the deal.
  4. Import and Domestic Logistics: No matter where in the world the car is located, we can get it to your door and handle the necessary importation formalities along the way.
  5. Optional services: We can provide a number of services that enhance the value of your car. Whether it needs a light service or more significant work to return it to its exact original specification, ISSIMI has a network of marque specialists to bring a car to the next level. We can also oversee the certification process by the original manufacturer, research the provenance of the car, and in some cases, reunite a car with significant figures from its past and produce a video to document the moment.
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